Mensa Girl Is A Full-Time College Student At 11 Years Of Age


These days, you’re likely to enroll in college as a young adult. However, there’s one 11-year-old girl who is not only at college already, but is even at the top of her class.

Catalina “Catty” Lemmon has just started studying at Dixie State University (DSU). She prepared for this by completing an 8-week pre-calculus course during the preceding summer. This course would usually take 16 weeks to complete.

“I told her if she can do this, school is going to be so easy,” her mother Asia said. “It’s been kind of crazy getting her needs met. We’re just trying to roll with it.”

Catty is the youngest person ever to study at the aforementioned college and as of this fall, is the youngest full-time college student to ever grace the state of Utah.

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Although she suffers from anxiety, Catty still got an A in her pre-calculus. Amazingly, she tutored her own mother, who came out of the course with a respectable B.

“As her brain gets smarter, she realizes more places she can make a mistake,” Asia says. “The smarter she gets, the worse the anxiety gets.”

By the age of seven, Catty was already a member of Mensa. However, what’s even more fascinating is the fact that Asia also has an IQ in the 99.9 percentile, making this a truly special mother and daughter.

Asia made the most of Catty’s talents and provided her with summer tutoring in order to maximize her potential. As a result, Catty completed grades one through to eight in just four years. And because there was no ideal school to cater to her needs, they decided that college was the only sensible option for her.

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“There’s no rulebook for a kid like Catty,” Asia says. “DSU has been so nice and flexible. They’ve gone out of their way to give her a scholarship, and all of her teachers are OK with having an 11-year-old in class.”