Men Are Now Paying for Fake Girlfriends


Yes, you heard correctly, men are paying $100 a month for fake girlfriends. No funny business is involved and the arrangement is quite simple -men want companionship and to feel like they are in a relationship so pay women to send them texts and Snapchats throughout the day. None of the messages are sexual and are all PG rated.

Ben, based in the U.K, is one of the men that has decided to pay for a fake girlfriend. He says their conversations are pretty regular and standard for any real relationship. They talk about how they’re feeling and how the day is going.

However, the sad thing is that Ben knows the relationship is one-sided and that his fake girlfriend talks to many other men as well as him. Ben says he doesn’t mind this relationship and the set up works well as 1) he is too busy for a girlfriend and 2) he has never had a real girlfriend, so doesn’t even know what it is to be in a real relationship.

This makes it all the more confusing. If Ben had a real girlfriend, not only would he not be out of pocket but he also would get the bonuses of being in a real relationship – going out for dinners, face to face conversations and the intimacy that only a real couple can experience. So Ben, if you’re listening – get yourself out there and go on a real date. You don’t need to spend $100 a month for a few texts a day, you could have the real thing!