The New MacBook Pro Sales Are Through The Roof, Despite Pre-Launch Criticism


The New MacBook Pro from Apple is already here, and weeks before the launch the touch bar was announced… along with the removal of all USB ports and their replacement with USB-C ports. The internet was abuzz with jokes and memes about the issue and the upcoming dongle hell; some even thought it was a mere joke and didn’t believe this would actually happen, like the ESC button being on a separate dongle? Oh, come on!

The recent launch in October was the most criticized Apple event in a while. The new models of the MacBook Pro that come in 13 and 15-inch screens have created quite a stir of emotions among Apple fans. The new models are more powerful and thinner than before, and even come with a touch bar that no one really asked for, yet this upgrade comes at a significantly higher price than the previous MacBook Pro models. The new models also do not have a 32GB option, which limits their space significantly, not to mention all the extra money the buyers are gonna have to shell out for all the cables and dongles now that all ports are USB- C. Apples’ reaction to this was to lower the prices of all the cables and dongles, but does it really rectify the situation?

Despite all these issues you’d think would stop people from buying into the Apple hype, the new MacBook Pro sales are through the roof and already much higher than all of the competitors.

A new report from Slice Intelligence via Cnet shows that the new MacBook Pro sales have already surpassed the sales of Microsoft’s Surface Book, the Dell XPS by Dell, Lenovo Yoga, and Asus Chromebook Flip. Mind you, all of these devices have been on the market for over a year now. The report even goes as far a showing that the sales have been so high they are close to surpassing the previous version of MacBook Pro that came out in 2015, and also was on the market for a year, since April of last year.


This is in accordance with a statement made recently by Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing Worldwide, who shared with Independent that the “online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before,” these are truly spectacular numbers we’re seeing.

The data gathered by Slice is from looking at hundreds of millions of online receipts from over 4.4 million shoppers online. The report we’re seeing is based on sales and not units per se, which might be skewing the data a little since Apple products, and their MacBook Pro in particular, are significantly more expensive than the competition and other Windows-based notebooks. Which might mean that people are actually not buying as many units from Apple as from competitors, but they sure are spending more money.