Luxurious Couple Travels the World and Earns Thousands


Imagine getting paid a six figure salary just to travel around the world and take some pictures for Instagram. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This dream is a reality for 26-year-old Jack Morris and 24-year-old Lauren Bullen. In recent years the two have become Instagram sensations and now earn roughly $7,000 per picture. They two have garnered more then 3 million followers on Instagram.

They earned this mass amount of money by promoting brands and locations through their photos. That said, the young couple didn’t just begin taking photos together whilst on holiday. Jack Morris was originally from Manchester and began traveling alone and writing a blog he called Do You Travel. Lauren Bullen was living on the other side of the world in Australia and wrote on a blog called Gypsea Lust. The two met in Fiji while working together and love immediately struck them.

As of today the two live together in Bali and are steadily approaching their two year anniversary. As they approach their two years, the work for the couple is still coming in steadily. At this point Morris has stated that he won’t post a picture for under $3,000. He told Cosmopolitan that he once got paid $9,000 for a single Instagram post.

Lauren has also racked up so high paying photos. The most she ever got from a post was $7,000. As you can imagine the money adds up extremely quickly. A phone company once paid Morris about $35,000 for two days of filming and 5 Instagram post.

Most stunning about this sensation is that they aren’t one of a kind. There are ton of couples who a raking in big bucks by traveling the world and taking photos of themselves. Everyday is a holiday for these young couples.