Luxury Travel Trends


When we go out for an adventurous travel we think we may think we’re doing things fancy by going to that nice hotel and going somewhere fancy for dinner. We might even feel like we are living in the lap of luxury for just a few minutes. Think again, the rich are traveling in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Here are some luxury travel trends that are blooming amongst the rich and famous.

Many are seeking small group immersions into cultures from all over the world. Picture if you will a small group of four or five hitting the town with one local tour guide and checking out all the most luxury local spots you never imagined existed. There are many tour companies across America and Europe that are specializing in this luxury treatment.

For some of the rich resorts are outdated and completely beneath them. These guys actually rent out their own private villa and have the vacation of a lifetime. This means complete privacy and freedom. Basically you are living in a home of your own. These also include custom gourmet meals by an on ground chef. If that isn’t good enough, they have a butler living on the grounds, spa service, drivers and much more.

Private jets are also a huge sensation amongst the rich and famous. They have enough money so that they don’t even have to deal with first class seating on an airplane. These private jets give you all the privacy that you desire. There is actually decent food served on this plane. Never again will you have to deal with crumby airplane food.

If your thinking about hopping onto these trends, you be better be prepared to fork over a whole lot of money.