Maldivian Under Water Hotel Rooms


Hotels are so much more than just a fancy restaurant and a nice room. This is an average man luxury trip, the rich are taking things to the next level. The next level being Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. You aren’t traveling to this place to explore their unique culture, you’re there to live in the lap of luxury and enjoy your totally amazing hotel room.

Maldivian luxury has taken leaps into the future by introducing the first underwater bungalow. You aren’t exactly sleeping with the fishes either. Nope, this is underwater luxury. Something straight out of the Little Mermaid.

The room took a shocking $15 million to build. They are totally earning back their expense as this room cost $65,000 to sleep their per night. You pay that simple price and you’ll be sleeping 16 feet below with all the fishes. The room’s architect Ahmed Saleem has stated this about his creation, “The Muraka promises a unique experience that is not available anywhere else in the world.”

This room is not connected to an actual hotel. This gives a guest the opportunity to be completely alone during their stay. They don’t even have to see another person during their stay. In order for a guest to reach the room, they have to get flown to their own private seaplane jetty. They furthermore with be given a speed boat that will be for their personal use for the entire trip. This gives them the freedom to go and come as they please.

You simply won’t be left to your own devices and forced to jump on your speedboat every time you want to grab a bite. There is a facility not far from the underwater rooms that holds four butlers who are ready to serve 24-hours a day.