The Carlyle: Always a Home for the Rich and Famous


In the Upper East Side of New York City stands an almost 90-year-old residential hotel that falls nothing short of world-class luxury, The Carlyle. The hotel, in all its glory, can boast about their VIP guests list from all over the world. Princess Diana was a favorite client. Political leaders like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, joined by the big names of Hollywood’s actors and musicians have savored ultimate pleasure and elegance in this regal hotel.

Now a Rosewood Hotels property, The Carlyle remains to be a classic icon for its timeless legacy, excellent customer service, and the finest amenities. You will be amazed to learn that unlike other hotels, Carlyle’s employees are loyal and dedicated, some have worked there for 30 and even 50 years. The management must have done an outstanding job of keeping them for the longest time possible. After all, The Carlyle’s heart is their staff.

Another outstanding moment in the hotel’s history is when Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jackson rode the elevator at the same time. Really. Wow! Then there’s the inspiring story of how Paul Newman came up with an original recipe for his popular salad dressing. While dining at The Carlyle, he requested the water for different ingredients to mix into his bowl of lettuce, and the rest, as they say, is history. This is what The Carlyle does best- unconsciously engaging its guests for astonishing feats.

Its Café Carlyle decorated by famed French designer Marcel Vertes has showcased notable jazz performers such as George Feyer, Bobby Short, and Woody Allen. These talented artists had delivered exemplary performances to a multitude of audiences.

There’s more to The Carlyle than a lovely feature of its very finest culture. A documentary film “Always at The Carlyle” was created to celebrate its radiance and vigor. Heartfelt testimonials from George Clooney, Tommy Lee Jones, Wes Anderson and other celebrities honored New York’s legendary hotel, the one, and only The Carlyle.